Does your daughter turn 5? Here are the perfect Hello Kitty games for her birthday party

Is your daughter turning 5 soon? This means you should get ready for a big party, as it’s the first “round age” of her life! Apart from drawing up the guest list, buying the cake, and designing the food & drinks menu, you should also consider an aspect that is at least as important: what will she and the other children do during the 3-4 hours or even more? Whether the event takes place in your home or in a restaurant, you have to make sure that your princess doesn’t get bored and, above all, she’s safe from all points of view.

Nowadays, kids even as young as 5 tend to spend far more time than they should in front of their smartphones, tablets, and TVs. In itself, this is not a very big problem although you should encourage them to play outside too. However, the really annoying thing is that, if they end up on inappropriate websites or applications, children could be in danger of accessing content that is not at all appropriate for their age. Instead, as a responsible parent, you should choose a few Hello Kitty games for all the little girls to enjoy together.

Hello Kitty games have a very high chance of being your daughter’s favorites since they feature one of the most beloved characters for children, and they could also teach her a few things: how to get along with her siblings, how to choose the right clothes, how to fill her life with amazing adventures, how to take care of herself, etc. Since it’s such a special day, you have to choose themed games, and our friends from Games-Kids.com helped us with the best suggestions for the big day.

hello kitty games

Without further ado, here are the most suitable Hello Kitty games for your daughter’s fifth birthday party:

  1. Hello Kitty Strawberry Cheese Cake – 100% likes, 1.566 plays. In this game, your little girl has to make a cheesecake, following all the instructions & adding the ingredients in the right order and proportion;
  2. Hello Kitty Cake Decor – 100% likes, 1.305 plays. One of the most appreciated Hello Kitty games, it involves decorating a cake. Actually, this is a great idea since your daughter & her friends could “replicate” the cake they’re about to enjoy a little later;
  3. Hello Kitty Maker – 86% likes, 1.934 plays. This game will most certainly stimulate the creativity of little girls since it involves creating a whole new character in the series. Therefore, Hello Kitty & her twin sister Mimi will get a new friend, in different clothes & with a different personality;
  4. Hello Kitty Cake – 100% likes, 1.518 plays. Last but not least, one of the newest Hello Kitty games involves baking & then decorating a birthday cake. Therefore, you could say that it combines the first two examples we gave above. Have fun choosing for your daughter & her friends, as well as watching them play for hours!

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