How to Get a Low Interest Personal Loan

The Cost of living is high in Singapore, and sometimes we need money when it comes to everyday life. A situation can come in our life when we need immediate cash to pay our credit card bill for a medical emergency, etc. Today we can get a loan easily, and the rate of interest is low when we borrow money from moneylenders or banks in Singapore. We have more options to borrow loans because of the number of banks and moneylenders availability with a low interest personal loan.

  • Number of banks availability

The best thing about Singapore is the availability of multinational banks whose interest rate is low when it comes to borrowing personal loan for fixing a car, educational expenses, giving money to loved ones in an emergency, or for any other expenses. The good news these banks are ready to give us loans by doing some paper works, and their interest rate is low, so we can take the loan and save some money.

  • Yearly basis interest rate

These banks in Singapore provide a loan of any amount depending upon the person’s annual income or monthly salary; however, the interest rate is calculated yearly instead of monthly, which reduces the repay amount of the loan. We can take a loan anytime we need cash for any personal situation or need cash immediately because of an emergency. We can get the loan approved by the bank with the lowest interest rate.

  • Easy accessibility of money lenders agency

Getting loan approval Instantly is not possible. Still, in Singapore, we can see more money lenders agency governed by the ministry of law, and their interest rate is also low. We can get easy loan approval anytime by choosing them, and we can trust them because their interest rate is always fixed, and Singapore law governs them. It is the best option when we apply for a small amount or need cash during an emergency.

  • Apply personal loan with low interest

We can easily apply for a loan by doing some paperwork with the bank. If borrowing the money from money lenders, the job will be easier as they will provide us with the loan faster because the loan amount is low when we borrow from money lenders. They can easily give us the loan by checking our annual income. When the loan amount is high, the bank will also approve the loan with a low-interest rate. We can apply by providing documents like proof of address, proof of income, Singapore identification pass, and passport.

  • Round the clock loan

When it comes to borrowing money, we can get many options to form in Singapore because banks and moneylenders are 24*7 available with the low-interest rate when it comes to a personal loan. We can directly approach these different banks, or we have the option to money through various money lenders agencies. They are also available round the clock to give us a loan when we need urgent cash because of an emergency or repay our credit card bills and helps us during any situation when we need money.

A loan is when money is given to another person to repay the prime loan amount with interest. Before we apply for a loan, we should always check the interest rate. However, we have another option to borrow money or a loan through money lenders, but a question might come to our mind how to check a licensed money lender? The answer is simple. These money lenders are monitor by Singapore law. We can directly visit the Singapore Ministry of Law website and check whether the money lender listed on the website from whom we are taking the loan.

  • Prevent us from paying extra

We can see many money lenders providing loan to us in this city, but there is a difference between a license money lender and unlicensed money lenders. A licensed money lender is genuine and trustworthy from where we can take the loan, and the rate of interest is low. Their interest rate always the same, and they are a part of a financial institution. The problem a person may face if we take a loan from an unlicensed moneylender because they can charge us extra with extra charges, and we can prevent it by choosing license money lenders and avoiding fraud.

  • Easy to check

We need cash, and it’s urgent. We can directly visit the Singapore ministry of law website and check whether the moneylender from whom we are taking the loan is in The website list and see whether they are licensed moneylenders or not. To prevent any extra charges like loan approval fee and stay away from charging us a high-interest rate. Licence money lender always gives a loan instantly once a few of the paperwork, and they understand our financial problem and helps us anytime.

  • Always stick to market interest rate

A licenced moneylender always sticks to the market interest-rate, and since they run under the Singapore Ministry of law, they cannot charge or increase the interest rate when it comes to borrowing loan from them. These money lenders always charge market interest. The benefits of borrowing money from them are an easy contractual sign to approve the loan instantly without waiting when we need cash during an emergency.

  • Always sign a contract

These licenced money lenders always sign a contract before they give us the loan. When we see any lender is not signing the contract and left in the middle, we will get to know this money lender is not genuine, and it can give us trouble after some time. A proper contract sign means acknowledging the loan with the moneylender with the correct loan amount, how much we are borrowing and how many months or years we can repay it.


When it comes to borrowing loan in Singapore, we have huge advantages because of many banks’ availability. We can get a low-interest personal loan when we have an emergency or pay our credit card bills, buy a car, etc. Also, we can borrow loan from money lenders by checking the authenticity on the Singapore law of website.

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