When it comes to cabinets painting, technique is important!

Home renovation is always a very special project for everyone. It involves a lot of effort, time, and money. But there is not always necessary to go big and do a complete makeover of the whole house. With only some small changes, everything will feel completely refreshed. If you are inspired enough and choose the right items to renew or refresh, the results will provide you with a great surprise. 

One action that you should consider is kitchen cabinets painting. This kind of measure will help you avoid changing the kitchen furniture completely. At the same time, you will make your old cabinets look like new. The only challenge is to do the painting properly and, most of the time, the best way to proceed is to ask for professional help. In order to make it easier for you to decide, we will provide you with some details about the painting technique. 

Cabinets painting: why technique is so important and what other steps are involved

When it comes to the pros of having your kitchen cabinets painted, the biggest one of them is that this is a very cheap way of refreshing the appearance of your home. On the other hand, the process is quite complex. That is if you want to do it yourself. Cabinets painting involves a few important steps that should be followed. Every one of them matters. First of all, you need to get all of the right tools. 

cabinets painting

That includes:

  • grit sandpaper;
  • a tack cloth;
  • a sanding block;
  • a screwdriver;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • a paintbrush. 

Once you have all of the tools, you can begin preparing the surface. The doors, drawer faces, pulls, knobs, hinges, and screws have to be removed. Then, the surface that needs painting must be cleaned properly, using a grease cutter, as it is very efficient when it comes to cleaning greasy surfaces. Once the surfaces are clean, you also need to sand, vacuum, and wipe them.

Now that everything is prepared, the cabinets painting process can start. The first step is priming the doors and drawer fronts. The edges must be fully painted and left to dry. Then, the cabinets themselves must be covered in primer, starting with the sides and finishing with the front. The technique is essential, as any mistake would ruin the final aspect of the cabinets. 

Getting it right from the first try is essential, as any mistake would force you to start the process over. After the primer dries, you can apply a second coat of paint. It is very important to allow the primer to get dry before applying the second coat, as this one is applied just to make sure that the color is uniform on all of the surfaces. Once done, you have to leave the doors to dry once again. 

Every step of the process is important and experience can really make a difference when it comes to getting the perfect result. If you live in the Greater Fredericksburg VA area and you want to avoid wasting time, money, and energy, reach out to HBSOnTime.com and ask for their kitchen cabinets painting services. Remember that professionals will always get it right from the first time!

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