5 Things You Must-Have to Properly Setting up a Home Bar

Nothing feels better than having some space of your own. You get to experience and arrange things according to your priorities. That is why home bars are becoming popular each day. A home bar is something your house should possess. It doesn’t matter if you drink or not. You will need a home bar for your guests and parties. Whether you are just a beginner or an expert, you need your own space for the home bar. Know that installing a home bar doesn’t have to be a headache. When you are stocking up for a home bar, you have many choices. You can choose a traditional or a modern bar depending on your taste. But there are some basics everyone must remember. You have to do deep research before starting to build the bar. That is why we have mentioned five tips to set up a home bar.

  1. Appliances are a Must-Have

Remember that you cannot have a proper home bar if it does not have any appliances. Any bar can never run without a small bar fridge. You will need a bar refrigerator to chill the wine, alcohol, and other liquids. Some people think they can store wine in a domestic refrigerator. But the temperature of any big refrigerator is not suitable for your wines. You must purchase a wine fridge to store alcohol. Also, a freezer is a necessary appliance for your home bar. You will need a freezer to freeze many products. Ice is a crucial ingredient for all drinks. 

  1. Get the Essential Spirits

You do not have to buy every single liquid to set up a home bar. The essential spirits are enough for your small bar. Know that these spirits include some clear and brown spirits. A bar is never possible without vodka. You will need vodka to make many drinks. Another essential spirit is none other than gin. Make sure you don’t forget to invest in a good quality tequila as well. The whiskey family is also a crucial part of any bar. You can choose between bourbon, scotch, or rye whiskey according to your likings. 

  1. Ignoring the Accessories

When we mention accessories, we mean ingredients except for spirits. We have a wide range when it comes to accessories for a bar. There is no need to worry since you will need a few. Vermouth is something your bar cannot go without it. Make sure you have both white and red vermouth. Martinis and Manhattan’s are not possible to make without good quality vermouth. Bitters are also crucial for your bar. You can choose between many flavors like lavender, habanero, and chocolate bitters.

  1. Invest in Glassware

For your home bar, you will only need glassware. There is no need to buy every glassware. Know that you must invest in the necessary glassware. Beer glass is a must-have for your mini home bar. Know that your beer glassware includes pint glasses, stein glasses, and pilsner glasses. Champagne flutes are also necessary for your bar. Make sure you also invest in a rock glass, Collins glass, red wine glass, and white wine glass.

  1. Barware

Know that you will need bar equipment to set up a bar. Some necessary bar equipment is as follows.

Ice bag




Cocktail Shaker

Ice cube tray


Bottle openers