A Brief Guide to Learn About the Power Only Trucking

Power-only trucking is a kind of effective transportation for all the companies that store the goods on trailers. In the power only trucking, the company provides the truck and the driver alone. The trailer is provided mostly in lease to the customers. The power-only trucking companies don’t have many trailers but take only power-only truck jobs.

Ship a Car, Inc. provides power only shipping to the people who need it. The staffs are well trained to handle all the details regarding power-only shipment. They provide the best rates in the industry when it comes to shipping trucks and vehicles. Further, all the quotes are inclusive of taxes and at the lowest prices possible.

How power only trucking work?

When the shipper has to deal with a lot of freight but no tractor, they can connect with power only trucking to deal with the broker directly. They use the adjustable fifth wheel for towing equipment together.

Likewise, all the different sized trucks have different uploading capacities. The most common ones are four-axle and standard trucks used by most people.

The shippers also have to know about the weight and size of the loads. If they are shipping hazardous materials, the shippers have to inform the company to send the right trucks.

Benefits of power only trucking

·       Reliable controlling

The shipping companies control all the trailers while the trucking companies maintain all the trucks. There is control in both cases and people get what they deserve. Each of the companies can focus on what they can do the best.

·       Efficient means

With the trucks and trailers being the package unit, it’s easy to maximize efficiency. Besides, they allow only shipping to load and unload the trailers as needed. Also, the drivers are ready to pick up the loads from whichever place they are advised.

·       No insurance needed with lower costs

If you need new equipment, then it doesn’t come cheap. When you are dividing the work, you have to pay for the trailers yourself. The shippers don’t have to purchase the trucks at any cost.

An 18 wheeler Semi-Truck sppeding on highway

The advantage of insurance is that the shippers don’t have to purchase the trucks. In the case of trailers, the shippers are not responsible for the insurance costs. This way they end up getting more loads from the customers.

·       Flexibility in budget

Rather than paying for what you don’t need, you will only keep it within budget by paying what is needed. The power-only trucking brings in extra equipment that you don’t need. So, you can keep that equipment away and then work. This provides flexibility in the budget all year round.

·       No requirement of maintenance

Maintaining so many trucks is costly and very difficult. Shippers having just the trailers hire the power-only trucking company. This way they get the driver and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance anymore.


The power-only trucking companies send the drivers and when required. They maintain stability as well flexibility as much as needed.