Everything you need to know about the pace bowlers of India of all time

No doubt India is not very much famous for producing high-class fast bowlers over the years but still, there have been different kinds of players who have been outstanding in the basic performance and have been very much successful in terms of being considered as subcontinental joints. So, it is very much advisable for people to be clear about the greatest pace bowlers in the country so that everyone will be able to enjoy the brilliance factor in the whole process. You can check the latest Indian cricket team selection news for T20 world cup and know which players are selected.

Some of the best Indian fast-pace bowlers of all-time have been explained as follows:

  1. Venkatesh Prasad: This particular batsman was ranging from the mid-90s and was formulating a different kind of devastating new ball partnership with the fast bowler Javagal Srinath and he was especially through outside the subcontinent. The main strength of this particular player was the ability to move the ball both ways to great effect whenever he was on a trip to England in 1996. However, it was one of the best possible moments that he was proving very effective for the country and very cleverly disguise the slower ball into much success. The accuracy associated with this particular player was the main reason behind its success in the world of cricket.
  2. Ajit Agarkar: There are situations in which people have a great deal of intelligence but are not given enough credit for it. This athlete is a good example of the issue since he was a fast-medium bowler who battled ailments throughout his career but still managed to generate outstanding results in spite of those problems. His remarkable performance in the 50-over format was the primary cause for his success, and he was able to continue honing his batting talents throughout his career. He concluded his career with 288 wickets after playing in 191 matches and setting a record for the fastest player to capture 50 victims in one-day internationals. However, no one was left with the notion that a player who was capable of playing many positions could be so successful.
  3. Javagal Srinath: When he retired, only the famous Kapil dev had taken more than test wickets in his career, while no other fast bowler had ever done so. He was one of the very best players in the history of international Indian cricket, and he was the only fast bowler to ever achieve so. Even Srinath’s fellow Indians were taken aback by his lightning-fast speed, and it’s possible that he was the fastest athlete that India had ever produced. Under the conditions of the subcontinent, he was one of the most talented players of his kind who had ever held a job in an office. However, when he got older, he added the away swinger to his bowling repertoire, which resulted in a significant increase in his effectiveness. Like a fine wine, he became better with age, putting on a show for his country and playing his last game at the World Cup in South Africa in 2003. This performance was his swan song.
  4. Zaheer Khan: In terms of bowling, he is a mystery due to the fact that the latter half of his career was marred by inconsistency and back issues, which is in striking contrast to the first half of his career. In spite of this, they had a watershed moment in their cricketing career during the summer of 2006, when he took 78 wickets and performed extremely successfully across all formats of the game. This was the turning point in their career. The only factor that contributed to Zaheer Khan’s success was his real skill, since the ball was allowed sufficient latitude to swing in the latter stages of the match. In this situation, his innate capacity for overcoming challenges served him well, and as a result, everyone has the potential to profit from the greatest command batsmen. In light of this information, he was quite successful in drawing a significant number of cricket enthusiasts to his name.
  5. Kapil dev: Without any kind of question, he has been considered as the greatest ever fast bowler which India could have with more than 434 test wickets in combination with 253 ODI wickets as well connected across his outstanding 16 years international career. He eventually decided to call a quit in 1984 and left the game as a leading wicket-taker in test cricket. He has been very much successful in terms of capturing the country to the first World Cup at the Lord’s in 1983. However, this particular medium-fast bowler will beat the batsmen with his fast and accurate nagging swingers delivery at all times without any kind of problem because of the brisk pace associated with it, brilliant stamina which allowed him to indulge in bowling and other associated abilities associated with this particular player.

Hence, people need to be very much clear about the fan following in the world of fast pace bowlers so that they will be able to develop a love towards the game very successfully and ultimately have a clear idea about the new sector in this particular case is equally important.

Also know about different kinds of players who have taken enormous number of wickets such as Anil Kumble with 956 wickets, Kapil dev with 687 wickets, Harbhajan Singh with 665 wickets, Zaheer Khan with 573 wickets and Javagal Srinath with 551 wickets. These are considered to be the top players which India could ever have in combination with the ODI and test. In this particular case, India has been very much at the forefront in terms of presenting the best players to the world in cricket so that further everyone will be able to develop a passion towards the game very successfully. Hence, having a clear idea about the above-mentioned players is important for every cricket lover to improve their knowledge factor associated with the game.

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