Hiring Customs Brokers Can Help You Follow Compliances

The customs authorities are the main roadblocks in cases of imports and exports of goods to and from Canada to another nation. This is then when the shipments get held back or do not pass through the customs authorities for further movements. To deal with these, most companies do not bear enough expertise and hence they opt for hiring customs brokers who can help the shipments follow all the compliances.

With the border clearance being a multifaceted affair, Canadian Customs Brokers help you go through without any hindrances. Here is how they can help you stick to the guidelines:

  • The brokers know the best as to when and how should the Goods & Service Tax (GST) should be cleared. GST is not required in cases of exports and they would let you know that. They would also not delay much before letting you know if your shipment is a ‘zero rated’ one.
  • You can avoid the adverse tax implications through transporting through Canadian borders and the brokers will let you know-how. You can recover the GST paid on imports pretty fast without incurring any sunk costs.
  • There can be various issues arising when the non-resident firms plan to import cargos within the country under their names. In that case, they need to ascertain if they want to opt for the permanent establishment within the country. Such situations also demand hiring experienced brokers who can help them make detailed and informed decisions.
  • You can identify the best party who can turn out into an importer of record with the help of customs brokers. This can help reduce the tax liabilities on you, by keeping a good record of ITC on paid GST.
  • The customs broker bears in-depth knowledge of the Standard Trade Terms (INCOTERMS) and this is very vital in case of filing for GST and other duties. Without professional help, most importers end up paying a lot more than it is levied.
  • Customs brokers follow the prescribed methods for valuation and to determine the values for duties (VFD). This helps to stick to the right duty calculations and reassessments.
  • Hiring customs brokers help you avoid getting penalized by following the right guidelines under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).

Clearit customs broker are the best professionals operating in the Canadian territories to help you out with shipments, all while maintaining the guidelines and compliance.