How to Have the Best Destination Wedding Photography

As you most certainly know by now, there is an abundance of wedding photography styles out there today. Since you’ve made up your mind to go with destination wedding photography, more than half the job is done already. The only that’s left to do now is ensuring that your wedding holds exactly how you want it to.

This may require quite a bit of effort on your part, but when it’s all over and you’re sitting back and going over the beautiful photos of your big day, you’ll certainly be happy you put in that extra time, effort and effort.

As you’ve probably never had to plan a destination wedding before, you won’t know the first thing about all the necessary things you have to put in place to guarantee that those pictures and videos fully capture the essence of your big day.

So the question becomes, where do you begin exactly?

Well, we’ve got you covered on that front! Listed below are all the things you need to know to make sure your wedding photography is smooth-sailing.

Pick Your Time and Place

Any wedding style requires extensive planning to ensure it is executed perfectly. The same holds true when you’re dealing with destination wedding photography.

It should come as no surprise that your chosen location is actually crucial to your wedding photography.

Usually, you have to handle this closely with your photographer. This is because it isn’t enough for the location to be perfect for photo shoots, you must also feel a certain level of connection to the scene as well.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is the time and season you plan on having your destination wedding. Every season comes with its pros and cons, with regard to how it influences your shots. You have to give each careful thought and settle with which works best for you.

Fix Your Budget

This is yet another important facet of your destination wedding photography you can’t simply overlook. These types of weddings are generally quite pricey. So moving forward, it always helps to have a budget to work with. That way, you’re always certain you’re operating well within your means.

Do Your Homework

Location matters with destination wedding photography. However, skill and experience matters just as much, if not more. Destination wedding photography is on a completely different level from your usual wedding photography styles. To make sure that you have photos you can flaunt, you need to take your time to sort through the crowd of wedding photographers available around and pick one that has a portfolio you like and feel a connection to.


All the skill and experience in the world falls flat if you or your partner isn’t comfortable in front of your photographer’s lens.

Don’t understand the impact of how you feel on your photos. Put your best foot forward. Reach out to any destination wedding photographer cairns you plan to use and feel them out first. Next, set up a meeting and try to see if your energies sync. If there’s a disconnect, don’t be shocked to find it reflected in your pictures.

Only go with a photographer who innately and intuitively understands what you and your partner wants.

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