Important Jobs in Quebec’s Health and Social Service

Careers in health and social services in these times are in high demand and very much awarding. This makes one of the significant decisions of life a bit easy, that is to get a job which not only pays your bill but also contributes to society. Working in health care is not just about job diversity and good payslips, but it is to do your part in society. There are also several government programs for scholarships and funds for people who are willing to take jobs in these sectors. Here are a few essential jobs in Quebec’s health and social services.  

  • Paramedics: Paramedics are the first people to respond to any incident requiring healthcare aids. They are trained not only to ensure the safe transport of patients to hospitals but also to provide real-time help and care on spot. They need to be quick thinkers and should be able to stay calm at stressful emergency moments.
  • Specialized nurse practitioners: Specialized nurse practitioners or shortly SNP are people trained to deliver care and treatment for various health issues. They are also involved in education sectors, teaching and collaborating with healthcare professionals to research within the medical fields. Specialized treatments like mental health, adult care, pediatrics, neonatology, or primary care are a few of the roles that an SPN can perform. 
  • Diagnostic imaging technologist: People who perform x-rays and other diagnostic exams such as ultrasounds, ECG, MRI are known as diagnostic imaging technologists. Their main work is to prepare patients for imaging procedures and process the images for the radiologist to check and make diagnosis accordingly. They usually work closely with multidisciplinary teams who are trained to carry out technical tasks with the utmost precision and care. 
  • Psychologists: Psychologists are people trained to understand the human brain and behaviors and give sound advice accordingly. They can work with or without a medical practitioner and are highly demanding in other environments like schools, colleges, clinics, and even workplaces. They not only help people through their life’s situations but also participates in works related to research and education. 
  • Hospital pharmacists: Pharmacists are highly trained people with the knowledge and discipline of medicines and pharmaceutical care. Their work is based on the patient’s needs and situation. The increasingly complex drug treatment in hospitals makes hospital pharmacists inseparable from healthcare units and patients. 

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