Importers need to hire customs brokers: Find more details here!

If you intend to import goods from the US into Canada, you need to complete the necessary steps. On paper, it is all about getting the paperwork in place, paying applicable duties, fees, and taxes, and having goods cleared from the Canada Border Services Agency. With everything in place, the customs clearance process can be complete in as little as 20 minutes. Yet, most importers agree that waiting for customs clearance and handling due formalities are often complicated tasks. That’s where a customs broker can help. Top services like Clearit customs brokers have worked with commercial importers for years, and they know what it takes to minimize errors. Although not mandatory, it is prudent of importers to work with customs brokers regardless.

What can a customs broker do?

The role of a customs broker can be multi-faceted. If you are an importer, you can consult a broker to obtain clearance at all ports of entry in the US and Canada. Ensure that the selected customs broker handles all kinds of shipments. They also have a role in ensuring compliance and maintaining records. Brokers help clients with bookkeeping, auditing requirements and may also help with trade compliance consulting. Note that all customs brokers in Canada are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Other services offered by customs brokers

Customs brokers also help classify freight and shipments, and they can assess tariffs and duties on behalf of clients. Their agents will also double-check documentation and paperwork so that there are no unwanted delays. Their teams can file the paperwork with Customs and Border Patrol, and since these customs brokers work with the CBP and the CBSA authorities, they know the practical steps better. The working relationship between customs brokers and authorities may prove beneficial for importers. Brokers also offer customs consulting and may help clients with warehousing requirements and communication with shipping companies.

How can you select a customs broker?

Check if the customs broker has good reviews and find their experience and service profile. If the service has worked in your industry for years, they definitely have an edge. Also, you need to check if they help clients with records and auditing. The brokerage service should be a member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and should have a system with the necessary tools to automate the customs clearance process. Many services have websites where you can find tariff calculators for quick help.

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