Read This If You Want Satisfied Customers During Transit

Although clamp-truck handling is becoming more and more common in supply chain operations, it can also exert extremely high horizontal stress on the packaging of your items. Is your packing made to be handled with a clamp?

Companies have modified their systems and product handling to help speed up movement through their various distribution channels as supply chains keep changing and more consumers now want same-day or next-day package deliveries.

Top Industries also has designed a certain carton clamp for different warehouses to increase the efficiency of the operation.

The following are a few tips to ensure that your goods reach to your customer in good shape and well in time.

1.     Select the right size box

To guarantee that everything arrives at its destination securely and undamaged, choosing the best box size is crucial. An item may split or tear during delivery if it is jammed into a box that is too tiny.

On the other hand, under-filled cartons are more likely to collapse under the weight of the carton placed on top of them.  

2.     Use strong packaging materials

When trying to save money, it is alluring to recycle cardboard boxes. Any financial savings could be quickly undone, though, if the container degrades during delivery.

If there is any ambiguity regarding the carton’s effectiveness, it is advisable to utilise brand-new corrugated cardboard cartons.

After repeated applications, particularly in more harsh environmental circumstances, carton strength declines.

You could want to choose cartons made out of virgin fibre if you are delivering extremely pricey or weighty things. Recycled cartons have shorter fibres, and when fibres are recycled more often, they get weaker and shorter.

3.     Ensure cartons are sufficiently sealed

An improper carton seal is one of the most frequent reasons for packages that are damaged. There are instances where the weight of the contents causes normal plastic packing tape to detach, breaking the carton.

Greater stability can be achieved by making several passes with a tape gun and also using pressure-sensitive tape, but this is costly. The use of strengthened water-activated tape is the ideal answer for a sturdy and securely sealed box.

The inherent branding and tamper-resistance of water-activated tape are two additional advantages. Traditional plastic packing tape is vulnerable to manipulation and rests on top of the box.

With just a little pressure on the carton, someone could reach inside, take anything out, and then reseal the box with little to no trace of tampering.

Water-activated tape can create a permanent bond with the cardboard.  It can weld itself to the corrugate so any attempt to break the seal for stealing some of its contents can be clearly noticed.

It makes sense to take all reasonable steps you can to assure client satisfaction in a world where customer expectations are at an all-time high. If you follow the simple advice above, your goods will reach their destination securely and your buyer ought to be pleased by this.

You can also view the carton clamps designed by Top Industries Inc. on its official YouTube video available online.