Summer Is Round The Corner – Check Master built 560 Gravity Series On BBQs2U

BBQs2U offers grills that can complement a new chef’s outdoor cooking skills. Beginners can find it intimidating to set a charcoal grill. It is extremely hot and can get messy, especially for new home cooks. The first thing for new chefs to consider is the grill. BBQs2U offers BBQs from brands like Kamado Joe, MasterBuilt, Napoleon, and even Ooni Pizza oven. The grills offered are reliable, sturdy, and last longer with proper use and maintenance.

BBQs2U offers accessories to help chefs in their grilling. Grill brush helps to clean the grates, long tongs to handle the burning coals, long spatula to turn the fish filets or burgers. Even throw a pair of safety gloves and the basics are covered. It is nice to have a few things on hand like the long-handled lighter to ignite the coals, heavy-duty foil, and grill covers. Covers are a necessity to keep the grill in better shape when not in use.

Masterbuilt BBQ sold on BBQs2U is an established American brand. It was launched in 1973 and is popular for its versatility, innovativeness, and affordability. In 2020, Masterbuilt introduced the ‘Gravity Series’. It is a charcoal BBQ controlled digitally. Masterbuilt gravity family includes three models – 560, 800, and 1050. It has already been a success for BBQ fans.

Gravity series has its advantages – It burns either with lump charcoal or briquettes. Both fuels are easily available at the local supermarket in comparison to proprietary wood pellets. Masterbuilt 560, 800, or 1050….choose anyone it allows to sear at high temperature as well as smoke slow & low. For enjoying a classic charcoal grill flavor, the gravity series is ideal.

The gravity series looks like a majority of backyard pellet smokers. The metal body is black and tall. The grill has 4 legs and is equipped with casters for easy mobility. The charcoal hopper is rectangular and it sits on the cooking chamber’s right side. There is a side house on the left side of the grill that houses the temperature and control display. There are four meat probe ports. In the original package, Masterbuilt includes a single probe but additional ones can be bought from BBQs2U.

Open the lid and there are the 2 cast-iron grates and 2 warming racks [porcelain-coated]. The name of the gravity series model suggests the cooking space – 560 sq. inches, 800 sq. inches, and 1080 sq. inches. The 560 Sq. inches cooking space is sufficient for eight chickens or 4 racks of ribs. The Gravity series allows grilling with the Masterbuilt app. People can monitor food cooking status remotely. Feedback is that all the food cooked in the Gravity series comes out tasting superbly good. Frequent cleaning of the grill is recommended to avoid flare-ups & smoke.

BBQs2U is on Twitter, where clients leave tweets and reviews about their experience with the online store. Potential buyers can decide which brand to invest in like Kamado Joe Classic III bundle or Big Joe!