The best tours of Denver

There are many cities in the USA which are worth visiting, but Denver definitely stands out from the crowd. Its suburbs own the most popular mountains in the world which are the Rocky Mountains. The most attractive historical sites are also situated here, including Mining Towns.

Obviously, the greatness of nature is to leave you speechless when you will be on your tour. There are some unexplored places which our guides will introduce to you, it is a great chance to see some inaccessible for other tourists destinations. Cliffs and colorful rocks are to take your breath away as soon as you arrive in Colorado. So, don’t fail to book one of the best tours of Denver.

The highest peak and the giant rocks

Private Tour of Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods will help you to get pierced by the sumptuous and pure nature. Garden of the Gods Park is to demonstrate to you all the rocks formations in all their glory.

They are huge and of different colors. It gives an impression of being in the fairytale. Pikes Peak is to surprise you with its breathtaking high. The mount is located 14,115 feet above sea level and demonstrates the unapproachability of the area. Just imagine, that you are this lucky person to have accomplished the feat of reaching the peak!

The Wild West never dies and continues to surprise tourists

To implement into your trip more historical details we offer to go on Mining Towns Tour. Have you ever been interested in the quest for gold? Here, you will have an opportunity not only to enjoy her majesty nature but also to explore the historical part of the Denver surroundings. Gold Rush Town is an unusual place to see and to get acquainted with, as there were many gold mines. The architecture here reminds you of the Wild West and involves you in the old American atmosphere.

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