What to Expect From Your First Dental Visit?

Are you afraid of going to your dental checkup? Many people avoid going to their first dental checkup because they have listened to some unpleasant reviews given by others. It is important to visit your dental care provider every month and stay updated about your dental health. However, seeking guidance from a dentist in Lansing, MI can be beneficial to make up your mind beforehand. In this blog, you will learn about what to expect on your first dental appointment.

Warm greetings and paperwork

When you visit your dental care clinic, the first thing you get is a patient coordinator greeting you and guiding you to the reception. After that, you will have some new patient paperwork regarding your details, such as name, age, dental issues, and insurance details. Take your time to complete your paperwork, and if you are not able to understand some questions, feel free to ask the patient coordinator.

Dental evaluation

After completing your paperwork, you will be directed straight to the examination room. There, you will find your dental care provider. He/she will ask you some questions about your dental history, past dental issues, and any concerns you may have regarding your oral care. After that, your dental care provider will go through an analysis and check up on your teeth and gums. 

Your dentist will even perform an X-ray to look deeper into impacted teeth, tooth decay, bone loss, and many other issues. The whole examination process will take an hour, and in the meantime, your dental care provider will provide you with a complete report of your oral health. If you need any further or immediate treatment, your dentist will let you know.


Mostly, on your first visit, your dental hygienist will perform a cleaning process and remove every plaque on your gumline and tartar from the surface of your teeth. Moreover, they will perform a scaling process to wash away the strong plaque on your gum line. Your teeth will be polished and flossed. During the cleaning process, your dental hygienist will check for teeth gaps and teeth cavities.

Discussion with your dentist

After all the examinations, have a brief discussion with your dental care provider. Your dental hygienist will discuss all your dental reports with you and will recommend the best oral treatment according to your dental issues. Moreover, your dental care provider will guide you with some tips to properly maintain your oral hygiene, like brushing your teeth, flossing, hydration, daily routine checkups, and many others. 

Contact your dental care provider today!

If you are afraid to visit your dental care clinic or you did not make an appointment for your first dental checkup, consider seeking help from your dental hygienist.