What To Expect In A Comprehensive WP Website Maintenance Plan?

Business owners have a functional and aesthetic WordPress website created but some are unaware that it will need ongoing maintenance. You just can’t build and forget it. To ensure that the performance of your website is to its fullest 24/7 there is a need to choose a comprehensive WP maintenance plan.

SetMySite is an experienced website management service that has been serving clients across the US for more than 11 years. WordPress maintenance packages include SiteCare, Webmaster, and Advanced monthly plans.

Features to expect from the WP maintenance plan

Site testing & optimization

Optimization of speed is crucial because page load is a crucial algorithm in determining ranking for search results on Google. A slow site will not get ranked because it offers a bad user experience and Google hates it. The professionals have the necessary tools to check the website speed and identify the issues that need a fix.

Site Security

A website needs protection against increasing cyber threats from ransomware, malware, viruses, phishing, etc. Professionals actively monitor and scan for malware and viruses. If you have an eCommerce website, cyber security has to be prioritized.

Users need to feel secure when they visit your website, especially if they don’t desire their sensitive data to get compromised.

Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring displays website reliability to customers. If it is down, customers get affected as they cannot reach you. Downtime has a crushing effect on small and large businesses alike.

The professionals constantly monitor your website to ensure it is online. You can identify issues that impact the site’s availability and potential vulnerabilities that can be fixed instantly. Uptime is crucial for online bill payments or crucial projects.

Regular updates

Keeping the WP core and plugins updated is an essential feature of a robust maintenance plan. Some good reasons to keep the site updated include enhanced features, bug fixes, better performance, and addressing security susceptibilities.

In general, weekly updates are better rather than monthly. The WP experts wait for a couple of days before they upgrade to ensure that the new version works as claimed.

Regular backup

Complete and regular backup of your WP site is necessary. The website can encounter a sudden crash making the data go missing. It can compromise your business reputation. Regular backup helps during failure to recover and start running without any data loss. If your site needs regular updates then schedule daily backup.

Get the full benefit of themes & templates

WP theme makes building a site from scratch easy even for people who lack web designing skills. Themes are user-friendly and rich in features but need ongoing maintenance because your site expands. With the WP maintenance plan, the website is evaluated regularly to ensure that the theme is suitable to your needs.

If necessary, the professionals will just tweak the current template or switch to a new theme. It ensures you gain a lot from the theme. All around the year themes stay updated to ensure better performance and security.

Sticky Note Tool

If you need text modification, image changes, adding pages, editing designs, menu updates, etc. then it is possible because the majority of maintenance plans include it. The feature Sticky Note Tool allows clicking on the exact feature you desire to edit. Leave an attachment and instructions on what changes you need. The team gets an instant notification and takes steps to fix it.

With a suitable WP maintenance plan, your website will have less downtime and great performance.