What You Need to Know About PRP Therapy and Its Therapeutic Properties

PRP therapy has become a well-known procedure for years now. All thanks to its quick-healing property that helps people to get well as early as possible. The main idea of using it is to not treat it with external medications, but with helping the body to produce its own cells for tissue repair.

What is PRP therapy?

It is an injectable procedure in which a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma is injected into the part of the body, which requires rapid healing. It is used to speed up regeneration and stimulate the growth of your body’s cells. This has proved very useful in cases like sports injuries like torn joints.

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Following are the Steps of PRP Therapy:

  1. The blood is collected from the ulnar vein of the patient. The volume can be anything from 15 ml to 60 ml depending on the area that needs to be treated.
  2. The enriched plasma is prepared with a help of the centrifugation method.
  3. The prepared plasma is then injected into the joint under the skin.

What are the benefits of this PRP therapy?

PRP is a natural treatment which is used for many different purposes. It is necessary for every individual but will be decided by the physician. PRP treatment is mainly used for:

  • Any kind of sports injuries like sprains or strains of muscles, tendons, ligaments or cartilages.
  • Can be used after the operation for the healing of sutures and scars. It also helps to reduce infection
  • In the case of burns where it promotes the regeneration of the skin
  • Healing of skin infections like ulcers and eczema
  • In treatments for damage to the cornea or eyelids.
  • In the treatment complex cases of gum diseases

What are the benefits of using PRP therapy in skin-related problems?

PRP therapy has proven useful for rejuvenating the skin and repairing the signs of ageing:

  • It boosts collagen production, thus tightening the skin and effectively smoothening off the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It treats areas difficult to be treated like the fine lines under the skin, where laser treatment is not possible.
  • It is a natural process where there is no use of any foreign materials
  • As it is using its own natural materials, it is safe
  • The results last for about 12 to 18 months after the end of the initial three series of treatments.

What are the contraindications?

Even though this is a mild and safe procedure there is a certain number of limitations for this procedure. So, the number of contraindications in this treatment includes:

  • Low platelet count
  • Chances of sepsis or acute infection
  • Low level of haemoglobin or lower count of RBC
  • Risk of haemophilia or thrombophilia that increase the chance of blood clotting
  • Cancer
  • Lupus is a systemic connective tissue disease
  • Heparin/ intolerance of citrate

The price of this PRP therapy will always depend on various factors like the clinic that you are choosing and the treatment that physician will provide.