Who is Missing from Your World?

Are there one or more individuals missing from your world you’d like to get back in touch with?

If you said yes, how might you go about doing this and what connection do you have with these people?

When you go about finding missing people in your life, use all the resources you can get your hands on to make it easier.

Are You Missing a Family Member?

As you begin the process ofsearching to find someone, here are a few possible people you may be looking for:

1. Family member – It is not at all uncommon for some family members to grow apart over time. This can happen due to everything from job relocation to some disagreements and more. Before you go searching for a family member, think about if they want to reunite with you in the first place. Sure, you may well not have the answer to that. Having said that it is important that you not force the renewing of a relationship. Doing so could make matters worse. Talk to other family members to see if they’ve had contact with the person in question. Their insight could be of great help to you.

2. Former classmate – Is there a former classmate of yours you’d like to reunite with? This could be someone you went to school with back in high school or college. You may well have drifted apart over time. If so, is now the time you go in search of them. Reliving some of those school days can be a lot of fun if you both enjoyed your time in and out of class. Look to their family members and other classmates you both had. See if they can provide a lead or two on reconnecting.

3. Former co-worker – It is not as common now as it once was for people to stay with the same employer for many decades. That said you may want to touch base again with someone you worked with. If that is true, you might rely on others who’d work with the individual over time. Some of them may still have contact with the person. If so, they may be able to pass along things like a phone number, email address, social media page and so on. Although work can be grueling and stressful, many friendships have come out of work over time.

4. Former relation – One of the more challenging areas to reconnect with one can be those you dated. With that thought in mind, are you willing to see if you can reconnect with someone you spent quality time with? They may well have moved along to another relationship or two over the years. As a result, there may be minimal or even no interest in hearing from you. Gauge how things ended with you both. That is to see if reconnecting at least on a communication basis is worth the time and effort.

In having one missing from your world, what kind of effort will you put into reconnecting?