Why There Will Always Be Bucks Night Strippers –

Getting invited to a bucks night party can be like getting invited to a hanging or a tour of the Playboy mansion while wearing a silk nightgown before an evening of fondue and slides since bucks parties are so out of date. What about strippers? It wouldn’t be a bucks night without bucks night strippers.

Invite your cool uncle to ensure that the day lives up to its obscene potential, if not as a sort of mentor. Without him, there’s a chance that things won’t spiral out of control. Perhaps the young (watching their Ps and Qs and checking for unconscious biases) need direction in the terrible liberties we took for granted in the days when the bucks party was the most perilous celebration in life.

The joke is that being married is like getting thrown in jail, and having a bucks night is like going on a pre-sentence binge or having a luxurious last dinner before getting hitched. Your uncle may have lived during the wild 1970s, when strip clubs were crowded with matrons flirting with their landscapers and snorting cocaine through tiny straws, completely unprepared for the war that was about to be fought and the injuries that would be caused. The groom might have stitches to serve as a reminder of the nights years from now if the bachelor party turns into a nightmare.  The evening can quickly devolve into a dumpster. Not only was it dangerous, but the young people who had been going absolutely nuts dropped their pants and felt bad for the groom as they danced to Eagle Rock.

Nothing is as trite as young men feeling compelled by a fraternal duty to act like wild young men together. Unless it’s old men utilizing memories of foolish times to obscure the brutality of young men. Bucks parties are a bizarre holdover from the decade that stank, the 1970s and 1980s. Young people are always willing to try new things, and there are now possibilities that weren’t available before. Although strippers are a must-have for a bucks party, the event lasts all night. If there is enough money, it might occupy a full weekend or even be a destination event. 

Brides detest the idea of these bucks parties because they can be filthy and unruly and boys will still be encouraged to act like cavemen. When done well, it can make for everyone’s favorite memory. But if everyone is going to disregard manners or disregard the fact that they are preparing to tie themselves to People can still anticipate tales of grooms who fail to show up, arrive late, have their hair dyed green, have a tooth or two missing, or have an obscene picture painted in permanent marker on their upper lip. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so reserve a seat at a reputable strip club for you and the guys and hire a few bucks night strippers to entertain your group. There won’t be a picture of you getting a lap dance because strip clubs don’t allow phones. In a strip club, what occurs there remains there – a faint memory at the back of your head.