Best monsoon places in India

Let’s be honest! We have all gone on trips during the summer and winter holidays. But how many of us have explored the wonderful Indian travel destinations during the monsoon season? Well, not many. Some consider travelling during the monsoon season as unsafe, however, rains can actually add a magical element to the beauty of a place. It paints a lush green texture along the lofty mountains and hills. Further, during the monsoon, you can witness lakes getting overflowed with dazzling water as well as mystic waterfalls. Hence, if you are up for a magical experience during the monsoon, then book hotels online to the most exotic locations in India and get ready for the fun.


Also known as the Scotland of the East, Shillong is one of the best travel destinations during the monsoon season in India. When the entire city is drenched in rain, the views surrounding the hill station become much more alluring. Tucked in Meghalaya, this beautiful hill station presents verdant greens of forests and misty clouds hovering in the sky. Shillong, offering a humongous number of homestays can make your travel experience a good one. Here, you can visit the splendid Elephant Falls and Spread Eagle Falls and capture the scenic beauty of nature. Also, you can try the piping hot local delicacies of Shillong during the monsoon vacation.


Located in Karnataka, Coorg is growing as a popular romantic getaway for the people of India. The dense forest covers and a multitude of flora and fauna make it one of the suitable monsoon destinations of the country. Coorg features gorgeous lakes, enchanting waterfalls, expansive coffee plantations and delicious cuisines that you can satiate while enjoying the rains. Here, you can also take part in horse riding, trekking into the dense forests and bird watching. 


Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar features calm surroundings and breathtaking views of the Sahyadri ranges. With a backdrop of lush greenery during the monsoon, the scenic beauty of Mahabaleshwar becomes much more eye-catching. Making itself to be another romantic place in the rainy season, Mahabaleshwar exhibits the best of nature in Pratapgad. This travel destination offers tourists alluring viewpoints from where you can experience the panoramic views of the Sahyadri hills. While you are exploring this beautiful spot, make sure you include the Lingmala waterfalls and Elephant’s Head Point in your itinerary. 


Udaipur’s history and heritage are not unknown to the world. This priceless possession of Rajasthan is considered to be one of the best travel destinations in the entire world. Serving as the home to many exquisite palaces, Udaipur warmly welcomes tourists from all around the world. What is little known about this enchanting city is that it becomes prettier during the monsoon. The beauty of Fateh Sagar Lake can be keenly observed during this time. While you are touring the pristine properties in Udaipur, take your partner on a boat ride in the rainy season which would surely make your travel experience more romantic.


Presenting the charm of early French colonial settlement, Pondicherry is one of the most-loved travel destinations for beach lovers. Surrounded by cozy villas, cobble-stoned streets and Indo-French-style cafes, this city becomes even more beautiful when the monsoon arrives. Drenched in rain, Pondicherry makes itself a suitable place to visit during this season. This picture-perfect city can provide you with experiences that you will not have elsewhere in the world. From trying French delicacies at the restaurants to enjoying the waves of the beaches, you can have it all in Pondicherry.