Choose Your Playground Equipment Based On the Kid’s Age Groups

Children of all ages are provided with numerous benefits with the increasing access to playgrounds for their daily dose of exercise and playtime. Playgrounds boost the amount of physical activity that a kid requires and thus play a great part in maintaining your kid’s health. So choosing a playground for your kid might seem very easy at first, but let me tell you that there is a multitude of factors that you need to keep in mind while finding the right playground for your kid. You might have noticed that different playground has different equipment based on the age group of children that comes there. Thus, choosing the right equipment for the right age group of children is very necessary, and here are some tips for you to check out before you choose your playground equipment based on the kid’s age group. 

  • The age group of 6-23 months: Generally, there is a separate place for toddlers to play in playgrounds, isolated from the “big kids” playground. This playground helps your toddlers to explore and experience the outside world by seeing the various shapes and colors of the world. Climbing equipment under the height limit of 32” such as ramps, stairways. Slides, single file step ladders are appropriate for this age group. 
  • The age group of 2-5 years: Preschool level kids require to develop their motor and social skills and thus structures around and under 48” is appropriate for them. Equipment like decks, slides, ramps, stairways, rung ladders, crawl tunnels, and bridges are the best for this category. This age group of kids needs to focus on their motor skills and thus equipment that boosts their motor skills is the best choice for the playground. 
  • The age group of 5-12 years: Once kids reach the age group of 5-12, they require further development of their motor skills and thus require complex demands of playground equipment for their physical activity. Playgrounds hosting children from 5-12 years of age should possess decks up to 72” in height with larger equipment like higher slides, monkey bars, step ladders, higher swings, climbers, chain bridges, overhead rings, track rides, vertical sliding poles, and horizontal ladders. With the huge variety of playground equipment, children of 5-12 years of age can work on their motor and social skills and can play with their imagination. 

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