Everything you Should know About Brake Calipers and their Function 

Brake calipers are the part of a braking system of a vehicle that plays the role of slowing down the wheels of the car when brakes are applied. Needless to say, their role is quintessential – something that cannot and should not be neglected. Brake caliper works like clamps attached on the front of the wheel’s rotor. When the brakes are pushed, these calipers work against the wheel’s movement. 

In order to understand the function of high quality brake calipers like the Cross Drilled Rotors brake calipers even better, have a look at the series of actions that go into bringing a vehicle to a complete stop. 

  • Brake fluid pushes metal pads – they are present inside a brake caliper and are known as brake pads – when the brakes are applied. 
  • The brake pads work against the wheel’s motion and create resistance against the motion. 
  • The vehicle comes to stop as a result of the resistance against the motion. 

Quite clearly, if the brake calipers wear out, it will affect the speed and smoothness with which the vehicle should come to a halt. 

Wondering how you would know when it is time to get the brake calipers in your vehicle changed? If yes, just look and hear for the following signs closely. 

  • If the car has started making a screeching noise whenever the brakes are hit. 
  • If the ride has become bumpy.
  • If the car no longer stops immediately. 
  • If the brake pedals are softer than usual. 

These are all indications that the brake calipers require replacement. That said, let’s now take you through some of the best braking kits of Canada. Have a look and decide which one will be the best for your vehicle. 

  1. The Black XD Krake Kit – This braking kit is best suitable for race cars and muscle vehicles. It offers a dust-free braking experience and has stainless steel shims that offer heat dissipation in order to increase the life of the wheels as well as the engine. 
  2. The Black Kote Brake Kit – The best feature about this brake kit is that it not just brings the vehicle to a smooth soft, but it also offers a comfortable smooth journey. It features a vane configuration that helps in heat dissipation so that the life of the engine can be prolonged. 
  3. The G3000 Brake Kit – This kit is the perfect option for regular cars. It is easy to install and easier to maintain. There’s not much screeching noise either since the braking pads are rust resistant too.