Comparing kitchen countertop materials: Things that matter!

Choosing between countertop materials can be confusing for many homeowners. With many choices, colors, finishes, and textures, it is often easy to lose out on functionality. One of the key aspects of selecting a countertop material is the balance between design and function. In Montreal, you can check the showrooms of top vendors, such as Granite au Sommet countertops¸ to find samples and ideas. In this post, we are sharing the basic things that matter for comparing and selecting between kitchen countertop materials. 

  1. Start with a budget. First things first, decide on the budget that you can spend at best. This will just ensure that you skip the materials that don’t fit the price bracket. Like we mentioned, checking with a vendor or manufacturer can be useful, as you can get free estimates and a realistic overview of other costs involved, such as installation. 
  2. Think of use. Do you want to use the kitchen countertop for just baking? Marble, in that case, would be a better choice than granite. Are you on a small budget and want to just get something that lasts over the years? Go for granite or quartz. You have to decide on how you intend to use the kitchen. 
  3. The look. For most buyers, the appeal of kitchen countertop materials is often the first factor, and rightfully so. Eventually, you would want the counters to just fit in the theme of your home and kitchen. For that, you can either go for matching counters, or can select something that is in contrast. 
  4. Don’t miss on maintenance. Some countertop materials need more maintenance than others. A good example of that would be marble, which is prone to staining and should be sealed every year. Granite and quartz, on the other hand, are better in terms of regular maintenance. 
  5. Think of long-term value. Natural stones offer better value for money in the long run, especially if you don’t spend huge on maintenance. For instance, homes with marble counters and granite floors often fetch a better price, and this should be a factor to consider while checking for kitchen countertop materials. 

Finally, do think of how you want the final kitchen layout to look like. Many homeowners are also interested in mixing different countertop material options for different counters, so as to maximize the aesthetic appeal and practical use. It all depends on your design goals too.