Different types of Solitaire diamond rings

Solitaire diamond rings are a timeless piece of jewelry and are the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings at the moment. Solitaire diamond rings have come to symbolize the celebration of some of the most precious moments in one’s life.

A solitaire ring is a ring that features a single diamond or gemstone. The ring consists of two parts-a gemstone and a setting. Based on these, there are various stunning designs available in solitaire diamond rings that one can easily get confused about when buying diamond gifts for her. To help you through that here is all you need to know about the different types of solitaire diamond rings.

Based on the shape

Solitaire diamond ring designs may come in different diamond shapes. Some of the popular solitaire diamond shapes you get here may include,

  1. Round cut: Round diamond shape is the most popular shape for a solitaire diamond ring. This shape captivates the brilliance and life of the diamond beautifully. This shape is a timeless choice and will make sure your solitaire diamond ring never goes out of style.
  2. Princess cut: The second most popular style for a solitaire diamond ring is the square princess cut. A diamond with such a cut will have sharp corners and will bring about a very sophisticated look.
  3. Emerald cut: Emerald-cut solitaire is a rectangular step cut diamond with parallel facets. This diamond cut creates an extremely shining and elegant look on the ring.
  4. Oval cut: Oval cut solitaire looks very similar to the round cut, but the diamond is elongated to an oval shape. An oval cut adds a romantic and vintage vibe to the ring. A larger oval-shaped solitaire appeals to a lot of shoppers as it can make the hands and fingers appear longer.
  5. Marquise cut: diamonds in this cut have a curving elongated shape with a rounder center and pointed ends. The cut is different from regular cuts and has a unique appeal to it.
  6. Cushion cut: The cushion cut has gained a lot of popularity and appeal in the last few years. Diamonds in this cut have a square pillow shape and are known for their sparkle and sophistication.

Based on the setting

The various types of settings that solitaire diamond are available in may include,

  1. Prong Setting: Famous and classic, this solitaire ring setting makes use of small metal claws that keep the diamond in the ring. This setting is popular as it brings the beauty of the diamond to the forefront by offering maximum exposure to the stone.
  2. Halo Setting: The halo setting places smaller diamond stones surrounding the central solitaire in concentric circles. This not just makes the stone appear larger and brighter but also boosts the sparkle and appearance of the surrounding smaller diamond stones.
  3. Tension Setting: This setting keeps the diamond in place by applying tension to it. The diamond is pushed from two sides using metal plates to keep it in place.
  4. Bezel setting: This setting uses a metal band to surround the diamond following the shape of the stone. It adds a sleek and modern look to the ring.
  5. Pave Setting: This setting includes smaller diamonds that are paved along the surface of the circular ring. The paving stones run all the way to the center stone and add to the overall sparkle of the ring.

Buying solitaire diamond rings can be a pricey affair. Now that you know all the basics about the different types of solitaire diamond rings, make sure you look at a lot of different designs to invest in the perfect ring for yourself.