Finding truck driver jobs in Canada: Things to know

Did you know that there is a constantly rising demand for truck drivers in Canada? In fact, more companies and trucking services are looking to hire drivers, at a time when the pandemic has stopped hiring processes in many sectors. If you are looking for emploi conducteur de camion, there are some amazing recruitment agencies that can help. Before we discuss about becoming a truck driver, here are some benefits of this job at a glance. 

Why consider truck driver jobs?

First and foremost, being a truck driver¸ you have job security and stability, unlike in many industries. The perks you get with the job are as tempting. The starting salary of truck drivers in Canada is considerably high, with some regions like Ontario paying more than the national average. Secondly, you get to travel. If you are a fan of long drives and want a job where no two days are the same, this could be the perfect role for you. Even with the schedules, you can expect to free time, take vacations, besides other advantages and add-ons such as insurance that will be paid by the employer. The sector of trucking is critical for the economy, so you can only expect your pay to get better with experience. 

The requirements

Usually, truck drivers are expected to have completed secondary school, and once hired, they are provided training on the job. A truck driver must complete an accredited driver training course with duration of up to three months. For driving straight body trucks, drivers are required to have the Class 3 or D license, while for driving long combination vehicles, Class 1 or A license is a must. Air brake endorsement (Z) are required if the driver is driving vehicles and trucks that have air brakes. For certain types of trucks and vehicles, additional licenses or permits may be required. 

Signing up with a recruitment agency

If you want to find the best trucking jobs in Canada, consider signing up with the right recruitment agency. Top recruitment agencies know what it takes to select profiles, and if your resume is being considered, they will even prep you for the interview. Ask the agency about their clients, if they not limited by clauses with trucking companies. 

As a truck driver, you can travel and experience wanderlust at its best, with a pay and amazing add-ons that are better than many other jobs.