Guide to Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Mastering the art of face makeup isn’t easy. To ace it, you need practice, experience, and of course, the right makeup tools. For doing flawless face and eye makeup, what you need most importantly are the right makeup brushes. Once you know what makeup products to use, the right brushes and how to use them, you can easily create the unique eye makeup or face makeup look you wish to create. There are various kinds of makeup brushes available, which have multiple purposes. Not all are essential in creating a basic makeup look for beginners. Here are the essential ones mentioned below that you must not forget to buy. 

Blending brush

Blending is the key to getting a flawless makeup look. Hence, it would be best if you bought a makeup blender for this purpose. They are available in various shapes and types. Blenders enable you to blend the foundation or concealer evenly throughout your face, making your face look smooth and glowing. For your makeup, buy a different blending brush to blend different eyeshadow colours to get the perfect effect.

  • Crease line brush

Crease line brushes are used to define your crease. They add depth to your eyes, making them look prominent. After you are done applying the right eye shadow and blending it, you can add more definitions by drawing your crease. Pick the right shade in your brush, press the brush into the crease and draw it side by side to get the desired effect. The brush is small, which also allows it to be used for your eye’s inner corner.

  • Contour brush

The contour brush comes with an angled edge. With this, you can easily contour the edges of your eyes perfectly. It would help if you brushed the eye shadow along the socket line. If you are into detailing, consider buying this contour brush, as it helps to add that subtle touch to your eyes. With its precise application, you can use this brush to create an even base for eyeshadow. If you are trying to create a flawless contoured eye look, this makeup brush is a must-have in your makeup box. 

  • Precision concealer brush

This brush helps you blend the concealer you have applied to your eyes. It brings uniformity to your entire eye makeup look and enables you to get a smooth eye makeup base. Hard to reach areas can be covered using this precision concealer brush. 

  • Pencil brush

If you are willing to create a smudged eye look, a pencil brush will help you blend and smudge the ends of the eye shadow, giving you the exact look you wanted. The brush is sharp, acting like a pencil. Besides helping you to smudge the eyeshadow, you can also draw precision lines along your lashes, eyes, and in the crease. 

The above mentioned are some of the eye makeup brushes that you must consider buying. Having the right makeup brushes is extremely important. Also, you must know their function and how to use them. Makeup is an art and no one can master it in one day. With daily practice and experience, you will surely be able to strike the incredible face makeup look one day.