What Reasons drive you to Sellon Amazon?


Amazon is the No-1 chosen ecommerce store in the world and the company claims 49% of the total ecommerce sales in the United States according to reliable sources. Most 3P sellers on Amazon share their stories from which their overall journey of becoming successful entrepreneurs from scratch is told to inspire more business-minded individuals looking forward to having their own 3P selling space on Amazon and earn decently. 

Therefore, if you intend to start selling on an ecommerce platform, Amazon is never going to disappoint you. However, to achieve success as a 3P seller on Amazon, get acquainted with a reliable amazon consulting agency for the proper guidance the experts provide for establishing your business from account creation to product listing and ensuring digital marketing services are required to driving in more traffic. 

Here, we are about to discuss a few reasons that drive you to sell on Amazon—

  • Start with a minimum budget to establish your business on Amazon that is impossible to consider when starting a separate ecommerce business

Starting a business demands upfront money. With a limited budget, many individuals have to step back for not getting the opportunity to start their own business. For instance, even if they look forward to establishing an ecommerce business—

  • They have to hire a digital marketing company for doing the web designing and development followed by relevant SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Local SEO, and PPC services. 
  • The investors also have to shoulder the packaging and delivery responsibility along with creating a POS access by connecting with a merchant followed by various other hassles and above all, all these drive to higher costs. 
  • Constant website maintenance and updating product listing liabilities. 

However, if you choose Amazon FBA, you can start your business as a 3P seller at a minimum cost. With a few basic gadgets, creating an amazon storefront business is possible such as a computer, a smartphone, boxes, duct tapes, printers, papers, etc. Though Amazon FBA sellers enjoy the freedom from storing and packaging the inventory as Amazon takes the liability on their behalf along with the potential to access the Prime members. 

  • Get connected with the best buyers in the world- they are the Prime Members

Amazon takes pride in having their Prime members- known as the world’s most loyal buyers on Amazon as they get access to various features and digital platforms created by Amazon by paying an annual $119 only. 

What Advantages Prime members exploit?—

  • Free-Delivery in just 2 days
  • At many places, buyers enjoy the same-day Free delivery
  • Prime Members get free access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music streaming
  • Exploit Prime-exclusive deals & special discounts on various products 
  • Amazing deals on Whole Food that non-prime members can’t think of

Consider selling on Amazon to get connected with the Prime Clan there. Connect with the best Amazon SEO agency for the result-driven digital marketing services from amazon listing optimization to Amazon PPC, review optimization, content marketing, etc. to acquire more traffic to your business.