Lawang Sewu, A Must-visit Destination in Semarang

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Aside from its identifying Bandeng Presto, among the things which bring visitors to Semarang is Lawang Sewu. This Dutch heritage construction can offer a distinctive fascination for visiting vacationers. Many men and women understand Lawang Sewu due to the mysterious stories which exist, but moreover that this historic building also provides stories about the history of trains in Indonesia. Since before Lawang Sewu, it had been a railroad center for Indonesia.

Learn More About Lawang Sewu

In years past, Lawang Sewu turned into a tourist place, this area was a location for various buildings. In reality, it was the headquarters of PT. KAI was formerly utilized by the NIS office once the Dutch colonized Indonesia.

It’s named Lawang Sewu since this construction has many doorways. Lawang signifies doorway, and sewu usually means a million. In reality, the initial variety of doors failed to reach a million, but just as many as 342.

Witnessing the grandeur of the timeless structure has its feeling, particularly at nighttime. Even though it’s nighttime, the people that are not tiny. The sidewalks continue to be filled with people that are sitting or simply taking photos.

The fighting broke out since AMKA youth needed to take the train over. At the very least, a dozen youths perished in this conflict and have been buried directly from the lawn of the construction. However, now that the youths’ bodies are transferred into the Heroes Cemetery. Though it has been hundreds of years older, you can still delight in the grandeur of the construction.

Presently, if you visit Lawang Sewu, then you’ll come across a good deal of the history of rail growth in Indonesia. In the very first train in Indonesia into the previous one.


Lawang Sewu is situated in a strategic place in the town of Semarang. Located in the Tugu Muda roundabout, not much in your Semarang City Hall Office and by the Middle for average Semarang souvenirs. Just at the Tugu Muda Complex, Jl. Muda, Sekayu, Central Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java 50132.

The Way to Attain Lawang Sewu

  1. Ahmad Yani Airport

To visit Lawang Sewu, it is possible to go everywhere. However, what’s clear is you have to be at Semarang first. Should you choose a plane, then you opt for a trip into Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang. However, you don’t have to access the Tawang channel, simply quit and get off at the Pasar Bulu stop. You then merely choose an orange angkot which belongs to Karang Ayu and you’re able to get off facing Lawang Sewu exactly. If you would like to be more functional and less complex, you can purchase a cab or internet transport that could be discovered at Semarang.

  1. Tawang Station and Poncol Station

If you choose the train into Semarang, you then are going to stop at Poncol or even Tawang channels. After stopping at these channels, visit the main gate then search for BRT corridor IV towards Cangkiran.

Activities You Can Do

Besides taking photos, you can also perform lots of other tasks in Lawang Sewu, such as:

  1. Know the background of the grave

Since Lawang Sewu is a railroad in Semarang, you’ll discover the background of earning trains from the very first time they existed before today. A variety of mini locomotives and carriages are nowhere and will include penetration even when you’re on holiday.

Aside from walking around while studying several sorts of carriages and locomotives, this famous mysterious building also presents the history of trains from the shape of movies you can enjoy.

  1. Photography

Lawang Sewu is a museum along with also the form of this construction quite timeless and arty. It is possible to use it to shoot images as a kind of your private documentation. It is a shame if you see historical places but do not take photographs.

Apart from taking regular photographs, you might even utilize Lawang Sewu for pre-wedding pictures. The most effective prewed photo place is at the primary hall since attractive lights surround it. The director has given consent for this type of picture, it may even be used for soap opera shooting places. If you would like to utilize the Lawang Sewu webpage, you have to get in touch with the supervisor initially and be billed a fee.

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