Learning The Culture and People of Lombok

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Sasak is a powerful tribe that occupied the island of Lombok. Approximately 80 percent of the people below are Sasaknese, followed by other tribes like Mbojo, Dompu, Samawa, Java, and Bali. Sade village, Central Lombok, is among those residential places where the civilization of Sasaknese remains well maintained. Ordinarily, here the guys work like farmers. In terms of girls, they typically work as conventional weavers.

They generally place their woven fabric in front of the residence. I am displaying them together with other crafts they’ve made. There’s also uniqueness in which the property floor is layered with the combination of sulfur, clay, and replicas of buffalo. They are sure that the mixture is much more potent than cement. Moreover, they’ve got their doctrine. They are confident that the dirt is a location where individuals originated. The compost depicts the everyday lives of the bulk of Sasaknese because a farmer relied upon the buffalo in cultivating their land.

It appears clear that Sasaknese maintained the culture. Besides the heritage of this Sasak tribe at Lombok, numerous cultural pursuits are extremely common. A collective culture that’s been operating for hundred years created the production of those cultural pursuits.

Gandrung Dance

This is a regular dance that’s frequently performed on these formal and non-specific occasions. Once in a while, this dance is often performed through the night following the rice crop. One which becomes the attribute of Gandrung is that of Gegelung. The headdress of this warrior is adorned with the blossom of frangipani.

Gendang Beleq

Called Gendang Beleq, and among the tools is a kind of a large drum. The title contains two phrases, Gendang along Beleq. The term “Gendang” signifies drum, and Beleq signifies large. Both deliver the dynamics throughout their functionality. These conventional music instruments have been performed in a bunch, followed by additional devices.

Bau Nyale

Bau Nyale is a mythical and sacred occasion for Sasaknese. Once upon a time, this convention was launched from the narrative of a lovely Princess called Putri Mandalika. Her beauty gets the flames from throughout the area faking to request her hand. Nonetheless, it will become complex for her when she rejects their program, and then it’ll activate the war. This was a significant problem for her. But the princess chose a strange choice about the 20th of October, to kill himself. She dragged herself in the sea. Following committed suicide, even a great deal of nyale (sea creatures) seemed at sea.

Until today, the visual appeal of nyale has been thought to be the incarnation of all Princess Mandalika. Where “Bau” means to grab and “nyale” signifies marine worm. So, as stated by the title, this really can be a worm-catching action on the shores.


If you search for your term “presean” from Google, then you are going to find a lot of awesome photographs of two guys fighting sticks and protect. This type of martial art is prevalent and acquired a great deal of attention. Once upon a time, Presean was normally arranged as a way of rain phoning, but today it is now a conventional game set in the kind of a contest held at a rural area before the district amounts.

This martial art utilizes Penjalin (Stick) created from rattan for a weapon and Ende (protect) made of cowhide. Players are known as Pepadu, which include two teenagers/adults battling and utilizing their abilities. The success will be declared valid before Pepadu leaking his bloodstream.

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