The beauty of granite counters for kitchen: Your easy guide!

As a homeowner, choosing the right countertop material may seem overwhelming. After all, there are numerous choices, right from natural stones to synthetic and manufactured options like vinyl. If you are keen on using something natural, granite may be the perfect for countertops and worktops. Granite is a natural stone, which is mined, cut into slabs and then transported to different sites. For the longest time, it has remained a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and many homeowners also prefer granite for flooring. If you are in Montreal, check for comptoir de Granite au Sommet, to understand the appeal of the material. Here are some things to know before choosing granite for countertops. 

Many benefits of granite

Granite fares well as a durable material for countertops. While it is not unbreakable, it will last for decades to come. Since knives and sharp objects are used regularly in the kitchen, especially on the counters, you should consider granite, as it can withstand all that. Being a natural stone, granite has its appeal, and while some may say that granite slabs don’t look the same because of that, it is still aesthetic. Granite is also heat resistant and is not prone to staining, unlike marble. 

Installation and more

Granite is a heavy stone, so you need a strong base for installation of the countertops. Also, you cannot install granite on your own. Ensure that you hire a team of professional installers for your kitchen project. The look and finish of granite may vary, which means if you plan to have many countertops, you will have to ensure that the final looks are at least similar. The cost of granite as a countertop material may be lower than quartz, but don’t forget to get an estimate, because it also depends on the color. 

Other things to know

There are a few things on the flip side that one should know about granite. Firstly, granite countertops need sealing, which means you have to spend on maintenance once in a couple of years. Countertops made of granite are meant to last and will not have stains, as long as you spend on sealing. Also, ensure that the supplier is a known one, because you would want the granite to be of best quality. 

If you want to check for other comparable options, quartz, which is an engineered material, is a good option for countertops too.