Tips For Choosing Anniversary Cake

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions and should be planned well. This means including a special anniversary cake in your plans. Selecting an anniversary cake is a lot easier than choosing a wedding cake. So you can actually look forward to it being fun rather than stressful! There is a wide range of designs and favours and sizes to choose from, depending on how you are going to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Don’t feel restricted to choose only traditional designs and flavours, be daring. Simple is good too; it’s all your choice. Try to achieve a balance between design, taste, and texture as well as size. This article has tips that can help you as you choose the perfect cake for your wedding anniversary.

Choosing the Baker 

Among the most important decisions you have to make when planning your wedding anniversary is selecting the right baker. You should first check their reviews to see what their other customers say about them. Be sure you know everything about their delivery policies so that you won’t be met with any surprises when it’s too late to change the baker. The advent of the internet has made it easy for anyone to check the reputation and experience of bakeries; all you simply have to do is search on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and compare the one with the best cakes. In addition, anyone can also get price quotes for the cake they wish to buy without leaving the comfort of their home. You just have to be set on what  you expect to spend on a cake, and also ask if there are any additional charges like on same day cake order and delivery.


Cakes, especially those for special occasions, can be expensive. So you need to consider your budget before you go cake shopping, try to strike a balance between what you want and what is available with the budget you have. Remember that being more expensive doesn’t mean a cake is better than others. Stick to your budget; don’t overspend.  

Cake flavour 

If you find you have no time to go for a cake tasting and the like, the laziest choice to make is the same flavour you chose for your wedding cake. Or the second best you almost chose. But if you have time, feel free to peruse through cake shops testing all cakes on offer until you find the perfect one. To make it easier for you, go opposite. For instance, if you had vanilla at your weddings go for chocolate now. When it comes to icing, depending on the kind of occasion you want to host, you can try fresh cream icing instead of sugar icing used on wedding cakes. With wedding cakes, people often want them to last but a wedding anniversary cake has no need to last a long time. 

Design and Size of the Cake

Again, this depends on the kind of event you want to host in celebration of your wedding anniversary and if you will have guests, and how many they will be. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and you will not have any trouble getting the one you want. While wedding cakes are traditionally round, square, rectangle or heart-shaped, for wedding anniversaries you can be a little creative and got for odd shapes or object shapes. You can even have a cake shaped after a digit – such as 5 if you are celebrating the fifth anniversary. You can even have a multi-layered cake with different flavours to make it more interesting.  Another idea is to order several small anniversary cakes of different flavours and designs.  

The theme of the Cake

If your wedding anniversary party has a theme, consider choosing a cake that goes with the theme in design and flavour. You could choose decorations that range from traditional to unique such as ribbons and edible flowers. 

Menu and Venue

Where you are getting married can be a great way to inspire the shape and design or even the flavour of a wedding anniversary cake. Is it a plush garden? a grand hotel? All these details can influence how your cake looks like. Be sure to check with your baker if they can help you set up the cake at the venue of your event or you will have to do it yourself. All of this of course depends on the type and size of the occasion. For bigger anniversary parties, let the professionals handle it.