Why You Need To First Order Samples Before Going For PCB Mass Production?

Once your PCB prototype is fully tested and ready, you will have to take your PCB production to the next step. You need to go for PCB mass production. During the mass production of your PCBs you will be making thousands of PCBs for manufacturing your electronic products. However, before you could proceed with such mass production process you need to go for a sample batch of PCBs.

Why it is a good idea to go for a sample batch of PCBs before you place your bulk orders to your China PCB manufacturer? When you manufacture your PCB prototype, you would have subjected your PCBs to several changes and you would have gone through several rounds of corrections until your PCB works the best. You will not be able to ascertain the actual manufacturing capabilities of your manufacturer up until this stage. They will be producing the prototypes in smaller quantities and the dynamics of sourcing your PCBs in bulk quantities is a lot different. You need to therefore establish that whether your manufacturer is capable of delivering good quality PCBs outside the PCB prototype building environment.

Moreover, the actual quality of the PCBs will also depend on the quality of the raw materials used by your manufacturer. In the prototype building they may not have used the actual supplies that they will be using for the mass production of the PCBs. You need to therefore find out whether your manufacturer is capable of sourcing the finest quality supplies for the production of your PCBs. You will be able to get a feel of this when you place a sample order based on your PCB prototype.

You will be able to assess a number of factors when you place the sample order for your PCBs. If there are any issues with the quality of the PCBs delivered or with any other service related factors, you could correct them before you actually go for bulk orders. You have nothing to lose but you will be able to reduce the risk level considerably when you first send sample orders and based on the experience offered by your manufacturer you could decide to mass produce your orders.

Imagine, if something should go wrong once the PCBs are mass produced, you will be suffering a huge loss. Why subject yourself to such issues when you could actually be saving yourself from all such issues?

First screen your PCB manufacturers carefully, identify the most trusted suppliers based on the customer ratings and reviews. Once you are happy with their reputation, you could send them a sample order and once the sample order is further reviewed you could consider mass producing your PCBs. This will also avoid unnecessary wastage of time in rework. Find the most dependable companies in China to take care of your PCB manufacturing requirements and you will certainly find a company that best meets your needs in the most satisfactory way.