Your easy guide for trying pizzas in Montreal 

If you are a fan of pizza, you wouldn’t be disappointed in Montreal. The province of Quebec, in fact, has some of the best pizzerias in Canada, and you will be surprised to find a wide range of local pizza outlets, many of which serve incredibly authentic flavors of the region. On a boring day, order Double Pizza online at your home, and we promise that you wouldn’t be disappointed. In this post, we are sharing more on trying the local pizzas in Montreal and other things worth knowing. 

Trying the gourmet-style pizza

For the unversed, the gourmet-style pizza is a mix between the standard Neapolitan pizza and family pizza.  Many restaurants have their own version of this pizza, and if you don’t mind the calories, you would want that extra slice. 

Love for the Windsor style-pizza

This pizza has its origins in Windsor, Ontario. This is not a thick-crust pizza, but you will love the extra tomato sauce that has lots of oregano. The toppings include mushrooms and pepperoni. What makes the Windsor style-pizza worth trying is the shredded pepperoni (not the rounds), which can be tasted in every bite. 

The local Pizza-ghetti

If you are looking for a pizza dish that originated in Quebec, look no further than Pizza-ghetti. As the name suggests, this is a dish that includes half a pizza with spaghetti on the sides, which includes loads of tomato sauce. A few restaurants have managed to reinvent the dish, where the spaghetti is hidden under the cheese of a full pizza.

Enjoy the Pictou County pizza

This one is a Canadian favorite, and you will find a new flavor at every other restaurant. The Pictou County pizza originated in Nova Scotia and is known for its distinct brown sauce, which is rather spicy and not sweet like the standard red tomato sauce. With loads of pepperoni, this one is a must try for every pizza lover. 

Hawaiian pizza for all days

In case you didn’t know, the Hawaiian pizza originated in Canada and not Hawaii. Almost every restaurant in Montreal and rest of Quebec has their version of Hawaiian pizza, which is all about ham and pineapple with loads of mozzarella cheese. Go for the local eateries that use the best of fresh ingredients for creating the perfect pizza. 

Now that you have a list, go ahead and order your favorite pizza from a Montreal pizzeria near you!